Aranda Learnership College

Preparing today’s learners for tomorrow’s communities and workplaces.

Welcome to Our Campus

Aranda Learnership College is a registered private Further Education & Training (FET) College with DHET, offering vocational and occupational qualifications including learnerships. Established in 2008 in response to the need to have dedicated registered and accredited Colleges, to help address the skills development needs in the various sub-sectors and industries: Clothing, Textiles, Footwear, Leather and General Goods. At the time Aranda Textile Mills, one of only two companies, responded by investing in establishing and registering the College with DHET in 2009.

As an accredited and recognised Industry and Sectoral Occupational Centre of Excellence (ISOE) with the FP & MSETA, it contributes significantly as partner of the FP & M SETA to prioritised skills development and education interventions within the scope of the Fibre Processing & Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail, Education Training and Development and the Services SETAs.

Vision, Values and Priorities

The College is recognised as a leader in:

    Student/Learner Success:

  • Preparing today’s learners for tomorrow’s communities and workplaces.
    Access to post-school education:

  • Developing comprehensive programmes, multiple pathways and support for learners to achieve their educational goals.

  • Providing excellence in education and skills development and by encouraging everybody in the community to be lifelong learners.
    Applied Research:

  • Contributing economically and socially with solution-focussed research activities in collaboration with business, industry, social agencies, other educational institutions and government.
    Commitment to people:

  • Creating dynamic working and learning communities that value people and support inclusion, initiative, personal development and mutual well-being.
    Commitment to diversity and equity in employment:

  • Enhancing a diverse workforce that promotes, reflects, and supports the diverse college community.

The following values guide our work every day as we endeavour to realize our vision and achieve our mission.


  • We are committed to the highest standards of excellence. We are accountable.
    Access to post-school education:

  • Developing comprehensive programmes, multiple pathways and support for learners to achieve their educational goals.

  • We are learner-focussed. We make informed decisions and take appropriate risks to enhance the learner experience.

  • We monitor the marketplace and respond quickly. We embrace innovation and creative thinking.

  • We communicate effectively and honestly. We work collaboratively to achieve shared goals. We are open to each other’s ideas, feedback and change. We establish strong partnerships.

  • We embrace the principles of fairness and equity in everything we do. We treat each other with respect. We create and thrive in a stimulating, collegial, highly professional and receptive environment.

Learners are the central focus of the College’s Mission and Vision. Thus, TWO overarching goals serve as the foundation of all we do.

    Superior quality education experience:

  • Learner engagement and success are the most important results we deliver. These outcomes are unequivocal. We achieve them through expert faculty and staff, relevant curriculum, valued credentials, opportunities for lifelong learning experiences, personal development, informed course and programme choices, varied delivery options, and appropriate support and services that are timely and targeted to individual student needs.
    Access to Success:

  • We are the College model for lifelong access opportunities to post-school education. Our plans for achieving this includes various academic opportunities, partnership agreements with SETAs, colleges, industry, community groups, employer associations; support and services that promote access and retention strategies; and pro-active access and success strategies for learners and employees with disabilities.

In order to achieve the expected results from these two goals, we pursue a strategic direction that differentiates our institution in a meaningful way, adding value for our learners, their employers, our employees, the communities we serve and, ultimately, society as a whole.

Our strategic direction is further defined by the following priorities which guide our work and support our commitment to superior quality education experience and access to success:

  • Transform our institution as the preferred delivery model of education and training.
  • Build organisational capacity to support our educational philosophy.
  • Create a climate of innovation and continuous improvement as part of a high-performance organisation.

Meet the Team

From Left to Right:

V Mohale, C Barnard, M Smith, M. Scott, FP Barnard, S Stewart, NT Nitshivandane, AM Botha.


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